Drum Kits & Sample Stuff:

LSDj Sound Pack 1
Drum/Sound Kits and some Loops
LSDJ Sound Pack 1.rar
compressed file archive [63.6 MB]
Atari Speech Sample Pack
Atari Speech Samples.rar
compressed file archive [12.4 MB]


... some other Sample Packs will follow, such as:


- LSDj Sound Pack 2 (Synth Loops, sampled Instruments, Sweeps & FX Sounds)

- Circuit Bent Toys Sample Pack (with some of my Circuit Bent Stuff)

- some analog Drum Sounds from Modular Synth and (analog) Drummaschines

- Samples from digital Drumcomputers processed with some analog Effects ...





manuals etc.

ibanez dmd-2000 manual[german]
you can't find this german manual online, that's why I uploaded it.
i hope i can help.
ibanez dmd-2000 manual [german] bedienun
Adobe Acrobat Document [13.5 MB]