DIY: Doepfer Dark Energy Mod. | LFO2 CV Out / 2nd Audio Output

inside the Dark Energy
inside the Dark Energy

the Doepfer Dark Energy I is one of my favourite

analog Synths for simple Stuff. 

small, but big sound.

especially for Self Oscillating and Filter FM Effects.

i can't wait for the Dark Energy II to use them together, with a Doepfer Mini Case for some xtra Modules.




i thought a CV Out for the 2nd LFO would be great, and then i saw this Post:



I went quickly to work and I've found a fatal bug.

The tip has to go to JP10, and not the ring! And vice versa.


this easily made modification works well and made sense, especially with other CV Devices.


Front Jacks
Front Jacks

Extra Output

I have added an extra Audio Output to use it as a Feedback Loop (Output 2 --> Audio In)

usefull? hmm, sometimes it's a cool kind of noise that comes out of there.


have Fun!  =]

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