DIY Stuff: Feedback Distortion Unit

DIY Feedback Distortion
DIY Feedback Distortion

i soldered a new Destruction Unit.


it sounds very noisy and crunchy.

good to mangle some simple Drum Machine Loops or rythmic Material with some feedback sqeaks.

two body contacts influence the feedback.


- Pot 1: Feedback

- Switch 1: Feedback on/off

- Pot 2: Gain

- Pot 3: Crunch

- Pot4: Distortion

- Switch 2: Distortion on/off

- two Body Contacts

- LED: on

- Switch 3: Power on/off



if someone is interested here is the buy Link


here is a Demo i made with a simple 120 BpM Techno Beat out of my Korg ER thru the Box.

maurice.rebell - testing my new Feedback
MP3 Audio File [25.7 MB]

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